Cheam Safety and Security was established through a joint venture agreement between Cheam First Nation and Securiguard Services Ltd., Western Canada’s leading provider of corporate security.

Cheam Safety and Security provides fully trained and licensed security officers who are drawn from the Cheam First Nation community in the BC Fraser Valley. These employees are fully supported by Securiguard in providing high-levels of safety and security to large infrastructure projects.

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Benefits of Working for us

Career Advancement Opportunities

Comprehensive Employee Benefits & Perks

Attentive Local & Regional Management

Comfortable and Streamlined Uniforms

Subsidized Basic Security Training

All-Wheel Drive Patrol Vehicles

Cheam Safety & Security’s partnership with Securiguard is based on mutual respect, trust, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. We aim to provide opportunities for local training, employment, and contracting in the Cheam First Nation community.

Cheam Safety & Security believes that every person deserves a safe environment in which to live, visit and work. We demonstrate our commitment to this belief by partnering with like-minded companies and implementing security strategies that not only provide a safe environment, but make people feel safe.